About Washington Eagle Forum

For more than 25 years Washington Eagle Forum has been on the front lines of citizen-action here in Washington State. From local communities to our state capitol we work with grassroots citizens to affect public policy at every level of government. We believe that now, more than ever, it's time to defend family, faith and freedom in Washington State, and we invite you to join with us.

A word to Washington State from Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly:
“Citizen volunteers can make a difference. I urge you to join Washington Eagle Forum and help influence public policy in Washington State.”

Actively educating, equipping and engaging

Washington Eagle Forum:

  • is continually developing a statewide network of citizens informed on issues and active in the process of self government.
  • maintains a growing presence on the web through our web site, political blogs, Facebook and Twitter
  • produces a statewide newsletter and an online network of citizen action teams
  • works with elected leaders in Olympia during legislative sessions.
  • works within coalitions of other conservative organizations in Washington State
  • presents Citizen Action Training workshops to groups all across Washington State.
  • is entirely staffed by an unpaid volunteer team.

Join Washington Eagle Forum here and have your voice heard in Washington State!

“Washington Eagle Forum is a valued partner in the effort to advance individual liberty, free enterprise and the principles of self-government. Together we endeavor to pass the torch of freedom and engage a more informed and active citizenry.”
-- Bob Williams, Founder and Senior Fellow at the Freedom Foundation

“When it comes to protecting families and defending conservative principles, Washington Eagle Forum is right there on the front lines in Olympia. Over the years they have been a credible voice in our state capitol, and I am always so encouraged when I see them here.”
-- State Senator Val Stevens

National Eagle Forum

Eagle Forum is a national organization founded by Phyllis Schlafly.

Eagle Forum's Mission is to enable conservative, pro-family men and women to participate in the process of self-government and public policy making so that America will continue to be a land of individual liberty, respect for family integrity, public and private virtue, and private enterprise.

Eagle Forum's achievements prove that citizen-volunteers can affect government policies in Congress, state legislatures, city councils and school boards; elect candidates at every level; and articulate conservative and pro-family policies.

Learn more at www.eagleforum.org