Ballot Security - A Real Issue

By Gary Bauer

Despite the
overwhelming popularity of voter ID laws, the left is working non-stop to strike them down. Attorney General Eric Holder has ordered the Justice Department to block implementation of voter ID laws in South Carolina and Texas, despite a 6-to-3 ruling by the Supreme Court upholding such laws.

In the past, Holder has argued that voter ID laws are unnecessary and burdensome to minority groups. Holder insists that ballot access is more important than ballot security. Now James O'Keefe -- the man who exposed ACORN and NPR -- has struck again to show how voter fraud is a growing problem.

In recent weeks, O'Keefe has exposed how easy it is to cast ballots for
dead people and to commit voter registration fraud. But Attorney General Eric Holder was unfazed by the facts.

So O'Keefe upped the ante and went after Holder's own ballot. His undercover agents went into a District of Columbia polling location and were offered
Eric Holder's ballot. They did not take it so as to avoid violating any laws themselves. But they proved it could be easily done because the poll worker didn't ask for ID and said none was necessary.

Seeing how easy it was to compromise his own ballot, I would hope the Attorney General of the United States would change his mind and respect the common sense views of most Americans.

Watch the video here: Convinced Now, Mr. Holder