Congressional Damage Ahead After Election

October 2012

by Phyllis Schlafly

When Congress goes back into session after the November 6 election, Congress will have a month to create a lot of mischief. Congressmen who were defeated will still be able to vote, and they probably will never again have to face the voters.

It was in a Lame Duck session in 1994 that Congress put us into the World Trade Organization. That Lame Duck session took place after the dramatic Republican victory of November 1994 but before the new Members of Congress took office in January. Almost a third of those who voted for the WTO had already been rejected by their constituents. Passing WTO makes much of our international trade subject to decisions by a bunch of anti-American foreign bureaucrats who rule against us most of the time. So we must be on guard for Lame Duck mischief this year, especially in regard to United Nations treaties.

Obama continues to try to cut holes in our sovereignty by pushing ratification of many United Nations treaties. This includes the ridiculous UN treaty on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the dangerous Law of the Sea treaty, and the UN treaty on ownership of guns that threatens our Second Amendment. Obama’s failure to adequately defend our consulate in Libya where our Ambassador was brutally killed is a tremendous international embarrassment.