Everyone Adopt a Voter!

November 3, 2012

by Gary Bauer

Educate A Voter

Throughout this campaign, I have repeatedly urged our supporters to "adopt a voter." Pick one person -- a family member, a colleague at work, a friend at church, a neighbor -- who backed Obama in 2008 and bring him or her our way this Tuesday. Again, don't waste your time on committed liberals.

But for voters who are undecided or soft in their support for Obama, who are still open to the facts and willing to receive information, I want to make sure you have the ammunition you need.

Below are links to a series of special reports produced by Campaign for Working Families on various aspects of Obama's radical agenda.

If you know of an unemployed college graduate, send our report on Obama's socialism to that person.

If you have a friend at church who is leaning toward Obama, share our report on his pro-abortion extremism.

If you know someone who is concerned about health care, refer him to our report on Obamacare.

Maybe you know of someone who just can't quite make up her mind. Send her "Obama vs. America." It is a simple one-page sheet that shows just how out-of-touch Barack Obama is on a number of key issues.

Working together we will prevail on November 6th and restore this "shining city upon a hill."

Obamacare: Medical & Political Malpractice

Obama vs. The Constitution

Barack Obama: Extreme On Abortion

S.O.S. -- Stop Obama's Socialism

Obama vs. America