Lummi Nation seeks Bellingham Water

April 11, 2018
BY The Fourth Corner, revised by Daniella Pentsak

The Lummi Nation requests up to 600,000 gallons of water a day from the City of Bellingham while backing efforts by State Democrats to block rural landowners from legally planned usage of water.

The Lummi Request was on the Bellingham City Council Agenda for the August 14th meeting where they asked the City of Bellingham for 300,000 to 600,000 gallons a day of water for their development projects at Slater Road. 

Since then, the City believes they can come to an accommodation.

Real Estate usage is unknown at this time, but it could vary widely from lightly industrial to heavy Retail or Housing.

The City commissioned a study to determine the financial burdens of providing water. It estimates of $300,000 to $1.6 million loss of City revenue per year, depending on what the project becomes. 

The City’s conclusion was that water transfer is not necessarily in Bellingham’s best interest at the time

Possible agreements to move forward lingers
Yet the Mayor wishes to continue discussing a compromise with the Lummi people.

What are the stakes?

Potential Lummi Interest: The City supports the Lummi Nation’s efforts to quantify its water right on the Nooksack River.

City of Bellingham Interest : The Lummi Nation supports establishing additional points of diversion and irrigation as a use for the City’s Nooksack River Water Right.

You decide… Since the Lummi Nation supports no water for rural development, should one of the “points of interests” be ongoing problems with the Democratic Controlled State House not voting on the Hirst legislation?