Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion!

October 31, 2017
BY National Eagle Forum Team 

Did you know that abortion clinics across the nation have received tax-free municipal, county, and state bonds to carry out their mission to silence the unborn? Bonds are intended for local infrastructure, like schools and hospitals, but Planned Parenthood has found a loophole to funnel our money directly to their facilities. When these bonds are issued, the federal taxpayer ultimately becomes the financial backer.  However, taxpayers are unaware of who may be purchasing these bonds. 


Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) introduced legislation this week to tackle this massive issue. The No Abortion Bonds Act prohibits abortion providers from purchasing tax-exempt bonds. Our taxpayer money should not be used to carry out Planned Parenthood’s mission of killing the unborn.


Rep. Pittenger mentioned Eagle Forum’s support of this bill on the House floor. Stand with us today as we fight for the financial integrity of families across the nation and for the protection of the unborn.


Contact your Congressman to ask that they support the No Abortion Bonds Act!