Strange things are happening at the CDC

April 6, 2018
BY Daniella Pentsak

Since the mysterious disappearance of Centers of Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA epidemiologist Dr. Timothy Cunningham, the agency has garnered greater public attention on their activities.

The CDC remained tight-lipped on Cunningham’s case up until the body was recovered yesterday. Neither the agency nor the press has divulged any clarifying details pertaining to the premature death.

The growing allegations Cunningham’s campaigns against vaccinations remain officially unverified, but the rumors linger.

Shortly following the doctor’s disappearance, the CDC of GA petitioned Congress for 400 million dollars to build - yet another - pathogen lab.

And yet, the agency remains desperate for money.

You may remember “Disease X”, the worldwide epidemic propounded by both the CDC and WHO. Today, they are back at it again, this time with the “Nightmare Bacteria.”

The alleged ‘nightmare’ is said to be antibiotic-resistant and has already spread to 27 other states.

CDC officials swiftly broadcasted their need for more project funding despite a highly profitable 2017.

The CDC is pushing another pandemic to fill their pockets and scare you straight. Strange things are happening with our protection programs. Its documented history of reckless safety procedures and biological weapons tests are finally starting to overshadow rumored pathogens.


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