Top 10 false “causes” for global warming

January 5, 2018 
BY S.D. Wells

Every single global warming believer and propagandist has changed their name for the big “science-based” lie to “climate change” because it’s just too dang obvious that nothing humans are doing is making the world “heat up.” The global warming scam has been thoroughly debunked, on every level, including science, data, and by Mother Nature herself. Still, it’s the “most pressing environmental challenge of our time!” We must all band together and get rid of carbon dioxide so we can all freeze and starve to death – which is the actual realized nightmare if we do what the global warming alarmists want us to do.

So here’s a better plan. Let’s all band together and talk about one of the biggest “science” hoaxes and Ponzi schemes ever besieged upon mankind, weighing on the consciences of want-to-do-right humans who just can’t seem to get enough from the fake news networks, including their own local news and newspapers. From fake causes to fake “proof,” we hear all the reasons humans are causing the earth to heat up, the oceans to flood all the coastlines, the glaciers to quickly melt, and all the humans to suffocate from the heat, droughts, lack of food, and overwhelming population growth.

Here are the top “causes” of global warming offered by the propagandists and media

  1. Too much automobile exhaust – of course, nearly every human being must feel guilty enough to contribute to the globalist’s bank accounts, so why not accuse everyone who owns motor vehicle!
  2. The greenhouse effect – only middle-class Americans are responsible for global warming. Rich white dudes flying around the world in leer jets (who own three homes and six vehicles) are only needed to help everyone else understand the damage we’re all doing to the planet.
  3. We’re destroying the ozone layer – your cars and your aerosol sprays are destroying the planet, but corporations that spray deadly chemicals on our crops are saving the starving, over-populated planet by killing bugs and weeds. Sure!
  4. Too many cow farts (according to the corrupt EPA) – Oh yes, there is a “study” for every Ponzi scheme invented by the crooks at the EPA! Hey, let’s call it the “Clean Air Act” and get all the moronic Americans to back up their own financial demise.
  5. There are just too many people on Earth and we must depopulate to save the important people and provide for “the greater good.”
  6. Only higher taxes can fix the carbon problem of too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that’s “trapping solar energy” as proclaimed by the Supreme Court .
  7. Al Gore needs to get richer to the tune of $15 trillion and doesn’t want to be proven a serial liar like Bill and Hillary.
  8. NASA charts prove it (even though they altered data themselves).
  9. A frozen, dry planet would be better than a warm, lush one.
  10. Anything proclaimed as “Science!” must be true and those who don’t bow down are “anti-science!” and should be jailed immediately.

Bad science is behind fake global warming

When they say “It’s not about the money,” it’s ALWAYS about the money. Through excessive taxes, levies, guilt, and hollow threats, the globalists want everyone to fork over more of their hard-earned money for a fake global crisis that’s been dismantled and debunked thoroughly and entirely. Not only was the East Coast of the USA just hit with a massive “cyclone bomb” of freezing weather and snow, but the global warming scare has fallen apart on all fronts recently. Now all the alarmists are trolling social media and fake news using the term “climate change” so they can blame any threatening weather on humans and support the fake science they’ve been brainwashed to believe. The fact is that we’re actually at the beginning of a long cooling phase, but the alarmists don’t want to ever talk about that.

Climate change alarmists want to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which would actually make worldwide temperatures plummet. Currently, carbon is at record LOW levels for Earth’s history. Plus, it’s volcanoes that put most of the carbon in the atmosphere, not humans, so you were saying?