Book Review: Culture Shift by Dr. Albert Mohler

Book Review by Tyler Sultze

Tyler is a seminar student at SBTS

I do not know of another theologian who has a more comprehensive grasp of what is going on in the culture or one who answers the questions more biblically than Dr. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Mohler clearly articulates how Christians are to think and live in this culture. He talks about very specific events which have taken place (or are taking place) and then guides the reader to think biblically about the issue.  He systematically clears away all peripheral distractions and is able to tackle the heart of the problem. 

From the Christian in politics, to the Supreme Court, to torture, to education, to postmodernism, to abortion, to natural disasters, to nuclear war, Dr. Mohler gives us insight on how we should approach these topics. 

While this book is about the culture, it is also about wisdom.  Dr. Mohler has given us godly wisdom and points us to fear the Lord so we can deal with our cultural problems.

More than just giving us renewed thinking on limited topics, Dr Mohler provides a lens for the Christian to look through no matter what cultural issue they encounter.