An Urgent Proclamation to the Churches in America to Call to SOLEMN ASSEMBLY Sunday, July 5, 2009
The "Call 2 Fall" national prayer initiative is based on Scripture, from which we envision three essentials necessary for God's blessing: a proper attitude, a prayerful action, and a promisebased anticipation.
A Proper Attitude: Humility and Dependence Upon God
Why we do things is of great concern to God. God looks upon our hearts. We believe God requires genuine humility in His people before He intervenes on our behalf.
A Prayerful Action: Kneeling Together Before the Lord
The Call to Fall is a call for God's people to publicly, corporately manifest humble, dependent hearts by bending our knees before Almighty God on July 5th, 2009 .
In Scripture, bending the knee is an act of humility, reverence and submission. Some of God's greatest leaders demonstrated their deep humility by bending their knees in prayer before almighty God.
A Promised-Based Anticipation: God will Answer
We believe that God Himself is the originator of the "Call to Fall." If we will do our part, we can surely anticipate that He will do His. In fact, Scripture is filled with promises for those who humble themselves before the Lord:

As God’s People, the Church, we are called to be a peculiar people
who love God with all our hearts, live distinctively holy lives, train our families in Godliness, witness to our neighbors & disciple our countrymen in the ways of God.

As a People of the Word we are called to build our nation & its God-given institutions upon the righteous foundations of His eternal Moral Law lest we be overtaken by wicked ideologies & fall prey to the control of profane & depraved men.
As Free Christian Citizens we are called to establish righteous civil government: to pray, vote, boldly proclaim God’s Word in thepublic square and openly support & elect Godly officials. We are charged to publicly denounce, withstand & defeat officials who despoil our Godly heritage or defy God’s eternal law by their public actions or private behavior.
"Call 2 Fall" is set for Sunday July 5, 2009. Why that Sunday? Because on the day after we
celebrate our " Independence," we hope that believers will express their "Dependence" upon the Lord. Throughout this special day, we encourage believers to spend time on their knees in
crying out to God to heal our souls and our land.
We encourage you to engage your church in this effort. Get information to your pastor and/or church board. Offer your help to make an event happen. Everything you need can be
found on the Call 2 Fall website: