Christians Must be Mobilized, Not Neutralized

A pro-family activist says the Christian vote in America should be mobilized, not neutralized.

Dr. Jerry Newcombe is the host of the weekly “Coral Ridge Hour,” the television ministry of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy. The program looks at current events from a Christian perspective. Newcombe believes those who say the culture war is over are misguided.

He says Christians must have their voices heard and also pray that God would change president-elect Barack Obama’s views on such issues as abortion.

 The fight for the sanctity and protection of pre-born human beings has been set back by the election of a President who has promised to sign the radically pro-abortion Freedom of Choice Act into law.

 Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in response to the election challenged Christians with the following:

“We must press on as advocates for the unborn, for the elderly, for the infirm, and for the vulnerable.  We must redouble our efforts to defend marriage and the integrity of the family.  We must be vigilant to protect religious liberty and the freedom of the pulpit.  We face awesome battles ahead.

This is no time for surrender or the abandonment of our core principles.  We face a much harder struggle ahead, but we have no right to abandon the struggle.”