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Homosexuals rejoice as ‘everything but marriage’ law takes effect 

In the wake of voter approval for Referendum 71 there is gleeful celebration in the gay community. Washington State bucked recent national trends and in a direct vote on gay rights approved the expansion of domestic partner benefits to include 'everything but marriage'. As Washington voters were approving Ref. 71, Maine voters repealed a same sex-marriage law and in recent years voters in California, Arizona and Florida have also rejected the right of gay couples to marry. 

The passage of Referendum 71 created a surge in same sex partner registrations and to date 13,000 domestic partnerships have registered in Washington State.  State law now includes the term “domestic partners” to every section of state law that mentions “spouse”. The expanded rights gives homosexuals all the same rights as married couples. 

Gary Randall of Faith and Freedom Network speaks directly of the impact of this bill: “Washington homosexuals have "everything but marriage" which is the final stepping stone to deconstructing marriage in the state. There were 951,822 votes in favor of approving SB 5688 and 838,842 who voted to reject it and preserve marriage. 

The impact of this law will be presented as socially compassionate, a major step forward for so-called equality and essentially benign culturally, by a press who led in passing it. 

However, the financial impact will be significant as it becomes reality and the long term erosion of the traditional family and the historic institution of marriage will become apparent over a longer time frame.” 


New Jersey Senate Drops 

Same-Sex 'Marriage' Bill  

Two New Jersey senators who sponsored a gay marriage bill unexpectedly pulled the measure today before it could be put to a vote.  The bill was voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, but the sponsors expected the bill to die on the Senate floor, so they pulled it from the agenda.    

After Jan. 19, experts say the measure has no chance, when conservative Republican Chris Christie becomes governor. 



With the passage of I-1000 in 2008, Washington State has become a preferred destination for suicide-promoters and depressed seniors seeking to end their lives.  Phillip Nitschke, the international suicide-promotion pariah, sponsored a 'how to commit suicide' workshop in Bellingham Washington on November 7th, 2009.  

The Australian "Dr Death‟ promotes and instructs his target audience-- “the well elderly”—in the use of pills, plastic suicide bags, animal euthanasia drugs and mixed gasses to commit suicide. Having been banned from selling his wares and promoting suicide in Australia and England, he is now turning his lethal gaze towards Washington State. Even the public library in Vancouver BC refused to allow him to speak there, fearing that it would be “an indictable offense to counsel or aid or abet any person to commit suicide.” 

Nitschke himself makes clear that the reason Washington state is such an "attractive‟ location for his unsavory suicide- promoting practice, is it‟s "liberal‟ new assisted suicide law.