Do They Represent You?

Family Research Council Action and Focus on the Family Action have released their Vote Scorecard for the Second Session of the 109th Congress. This scorecard contains a compilation of significant votes representing a cross section of issues affecting the family. These recorded votes occurred in both the U.S. House and Senate singling out for inclusion the most clear-cut, pro-family votes that came before Congress.

How did our Washington State Delegation represent the family?
Rep. Cathy McMorris—R 100%
Rep. Doc Hastings—R 85%
Rep. Dave Reichert—R 71%
Rep. Jay Inslee—D 0%
Rep. Rick Larsen—D 0%
Rep. Brian Baird—D 0%
Rep. Norm Dicks—D 0%
Rep. Jim McDermott –D 0%
Rep. Adam Smith—D 0%
Sen. Murray –D 0%
Sen. Cantwell—D 12%