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Washington State Report

Democrats Conducting Racial Witch Hunt

The Case Against Hillary Cinton

Scandal Watch: Violations Against Clintons Keep Piling Up

Campaign Updates

Inside Report: News You're Not Likely To Hear

Educational Examiner: Evaluating and Exposing Today's Educational Trends


Washington State Report

State Statistics:
U.S. House—5 Democrats, 4 Republicans
U.S. Senate—1 Democrat, 1 Republican
Governor—Democrat, Gary Locke
State House—49 Democrats, 49 Republicans
State Senate—27 Democrats, 22 Republicans

As a result of the current make up of our state elected officials, we have worked harder on damage control than anything else. Unless we change this we can only look forward to more of the same. Much of our efforts over the next six months will be directed at working campaigns, keeping conservative pro-family issues in front of candidates, in equipping and encouraging conservatives around our state for action in November.

We are sensing increased interest and commitment as conservatives see real hope for a GOP White House. For this momentum to build and carry through to November, it will depend on the actions of Congress, and our Republican Presidential nominee capitalizing on this enthusiasm.


Washington Eagle Forum worked with Rep. Jim Kastama (D) on a significant financial privacy bill that would have prohibited financial institutions from selling personal and confidential information with affiliates or other associates, including telemarketers. Unfortunately, the bill ultimately failed to pass the legislature. However, through this process we formed some key legislative alliances and were able to work together on other crucial legislation.


Democrats Conducting Racial Witch-Hunt

Because Democrats need huge numbers of African American votes to hold their power, they are pursuing the politics of racial division to smear Republicans. Recent demonstrations and attacks against the Confederate Flag in South Carolina are no accident. This is a calculated campaign to race-bait and defeat Republicans in November.

History reveals it was Democrats not Republicans who put up the Confederate Flag in 1962 and a Democrat still sits in the South Carolina State House. Perhaps it’s a diversion because it is the Democrats who have betrayed minorities by denying them a shot at the American dream with their racist policies on social security and education.


“The Case Against Hillary Clinton” by Peggy Noonan

Peggy Noonan is a gifted writer who does a brilliant job of unraveling the complicated phenomena that surrounds Hillary Clinton. In her partially fictional book, Peggy Noonan writes an imaginary passage of Hillary winning the New York Senate race and retells the Monica Lewinsky story as if it were George and Barbara Bush. It serves to emphasizes the total depravity of both Clintons. Noonan writes that the Clintons not only “lack the humility of the great, but… lack the humility of the normal.”

This must read book is an searing portrait of a woman who portrays herself as a victim while victimizing, and made a deal instead of a marriage by attaching herself to a charismatic character in order to reach the highest pinnacles of power. Noonan believes that Hillary fully intends to use a New York Senate seat as a springboard for a future presidential campaign. Eagle Forum recommends this book as motivation to help defeat Hillary now!


Scandal Watch
Violations Against Clintons Keep Piling Up

We already know about the cattle futures trades, the travel office firings, the missing billing records, the disastrous health care plan, the “vast-right-wing-conspiracy” speech, Chinese fund raising abuses, and on and on and on.

Now comes word that a federal judge has ruled that Mr. Clinton violated the Privacy Act when he released letters Kathleen Willey had written to him. This was done to cast doubts on her accusations that Clinton had sexually assaulted her in the White House. Several White House aides were also accused of violations against the Privacy Act.

It has recently been discovered that the White House may have hid thousands of e-mails that related to Monica Lewinsky, Al Gore’s finance activities, secret FBI files and more. These e-mail messages had been sought under subpoena by a federal grand jury.

Rep. Dan Burton has asked Attorney General Janet Reno to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate whether the White House hid the e-mails and whether contract workers were “threatened with retaliation” to keep them secret.

The probe will focus on Al Gore’s e-mail missing from before 1997 when he and other high-ranking administration and Democrat Party officials were under investigation for campaign finance abuses.

In a remarkable statement by Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), he accused Attorney General Janet Reno of using the Justice Department to obstruct justice. In response to a question about a possible investigation into missing e-mails he said of Janet Reno, “Every time the attorney general wants to cover something up, she internalizes an investigation, so that evidence, that materials, [are] not out there.”

The White House did nothing to correct the e-mail problem once it was discovered and five contract employees have testified at a House committee hearing that White House officials warned them not to mention the discovery of the missing e-mails. Three of them even said they were threatened with jail if they talked.

The American people will need one very long bath after these people leave!


“They have made the American political landscape a lower and lesser thing. They have left our political process distorted and misshapen; they have stopped good things from happening, and allowed bad things to occur; when caught, they have covered-up and dissembled, which in turn has added a new level of sourness, cynicism and confusion to our politics and our culture.”

Peggy Noonan in “The Case Against Hillary Clinton


Marta Guevara Announces Candidacy

Bellingham Republican Marta Guevara announced to a packed room that she will be a candidate for State Representative in the 42nd District. Seven GOP legislators, who carry key leadership positions, made the trip from Olympia to show their support.

Representative Doug Ericksen of Bellingham also attended the March 20 event and spoke on her behalf...telling the crowd, “Get used to this! Your two State Representatives from the 42nd District.”

Marta, who will face incumbent Kelli Linville in November, is a pro-life conservative and no stranger to politics. She has been active in education and youth issues for more than 12 years. Marta is married with 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Her husband, Bill, is an engineer with Anvil Corporation.

Marta can be reached at:

P.O. Box 29015, Bellingham, WA 98228 360.647.0336 e-mail: kb7pkl@aol.com website: www.nas.com/marta


Metcalf Passes Mantle to Koster

Congressman Jack Metcalf announced on April 3 his endorsement of State Representative John Koster to take his place in the U.S. House of Representatives.

After serving three terms as Congressman from the 2nd Congressional District, Metcalf is retiring. Metcalf, who remained nuetral in the Republican Primary for almost a year, said Koster is the best choice to replace him in Congress. Metcalf said Koster and he have a lot in common because they are both independent and both conservative.

"I am giving my full and wholeheated support to John Koster. I think John has the experience and the vision to be a great Congressman," stated Metcalf.

Earlier the same week Former Seattle Seahawk and now United States Congressman Steve Largent gave a strong endorsement to John Koster in his bid for the U.S. Congress. “There is no doubt in my mind that John is the right man to replace my good friend Jack Metcalf,” said Largent.

Visit the Koster website at www.koster2000.com


George W. Bush Considers VP Choices

Now that Bush has wrapped up the GOP nomination, serious speculation has begun on the various choices for vice president in a Bush administration.

Some are pushing for John McCain, but that is not likely as neither Bush or McCain are open to that idea. Media favorite, Colin Powell, seems to be a favorite of Bush as well, but he runs the risk of alienating grassroots conservatives who were responsible for his primary victory.

Other moderates on the short list include: Pennsylvania governor, Tom Ridge, Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey and Elizabeth Dole.

We are hopeful that Bush will stay true to his principles and choose an outstanding conservative the likes of Rep. John Kasich, Sen. Rick Santorum, or our personal favorite, Rep. Chris Cox from California. Cox is bright, articulate and a devout pro-life Catholic. We suggest that you let Gov. Bush know that choosing a pro-family conservative is imperative.

Bush for President P.O. Box 1902 Austin, Texas 78767-1092 or leave a message at his web site: www.georgewbush.com



GOP Conventions Report Huge Crowds

By all accounts Republican enthusiasm at the grassroots is alive and well. Overflowing crowds are showing up in Whatcom County, King County, and elsewhere to be a part of influencing the Republican platform at county conventions.

In Bellingham, so many delegates and visitors showed up, the proceedings had to be moved to a larger auditorium. Whatcom County Republican Chairman, Gene Goldsmith, said the last time he saw this level of participation was in 1994, when Republicans swept offices from local to national levels. There is no doubt that Clinton’s “scandal fatigue” is motivating many activists who would like to put this national nightmare behind them. This will be a heavy burden for Democrats to bear.

The slate of GOP candidates is very strong from the president on down and should generate energy and commitment from grassroots conservatives as they look forward to the elections in November.


Inside Report
News You're Not Likely to Hear!


GOP Advantage

Not long ago conventional wisdom was that a Democratic takeover of the House was likely to happen in November. Generic polls throughout the winter months showed that Democrats had the edge to win the 5 seats necessary for a majority. Now the odds don’t look quite as good for Democrats. A newly released CNN/USA Today/Gallop poll of likely voters shows that Republicans now lead Democrats by 49% to 45%.


Bush Responds to Gore

Once Bush wrapped up the Republican nomination, Gore stepped up his attacks and criticism and Bush has not hesitated to respond sharply. When Gore sent him a congratulatory e-mail after the March 14 primaries pushing for campaign finance reform, Bush wrote back one of his own: “I hope you will encourage the White House and the Department of Justice to release all records and photographs relating to the investigating of fundraising abuses by you and your administration….I’m afraid your record does not inspire confidence.” Then Bush concluded, “Thank you for your e-mail. This Internet of yours is a wonderful invention.”


Bush has Electoral Lead

In a state-by-state survey George W. Bush leads Al Gore in enough states to give him 250 electoral votes, just 20 votes short of the 270 needed to win the presidency. The popular vote is much tighter, but a different picture emerges when the electoral votes are examined. Bush has a solid lock on all the western plain states and most of the South. Gore leads in the Northeast and the western coastal states. Still up for grabs is much of the industrial Midwest and our own Washington State.


Here Comes Buchanan

In state after state Pat Buchanan’s supporters are taking over the Reform Party. There seems to be no opposition so the odds are now overwhelming that Buchanan will be the presidential nominee of the Reform Party and be eligible to receive $12.6 million in matching funds. This news delights Gore, who is hoping it will divide the anti-Clinton/Gore vote. There will likely be controversy over whether Buchanan will be included in the presidential debates.


California Rejects Gay Marriage

Despite spending big bucks to defeat Proposition 22, opponents could not stop California from delivering a big victory for traditional marriage on March 7. The 14-word “Defense of Marriage” initiative passed by a very solid 61% to 39%. This margin is nearly identical to national polls which show that 62% of all Americans think marriage between homosexuals should not be recognized by law.

Court Watch

Eagle Forum’s Court Watch reports that 341 Clinton judicial nominee’s have been approved by the Senate and only 1 nominee has been rejected. Consider the fact that a Gore presidency would guarantee liberal and activist courts for a generation and you begin to realize what is at stake.



Great Expectations Turns Away
Food Stamp

Kudos to Lynden’s home for unwed mothers for stepping out in faith and refusing food stamps for their residents. Government regulations became too cumbersome and they decided to try and make it without food stamp assistance.

We now have the opportunity to support their decision with our donations. Non-perishable food items for Great Expectations can be dropped off at Clean Water Services on Front Street in Lynden or brought to the Community Prayer Service on May 4 at the Lynden Pioneer Museum. The service begins at Noon and will include several local pastors.



Educational Examiner


Parents, Are You Ready to Teach Your Kids Arithmetic?

Parents are starting to realize that “fuzzy” math courses (called “whole math,” “new math,” or “new new math”) are producing kids who can’t do arithmetic, much less algebra. The U. S. Department of Education responded last October by officially endorsing ten new math courses for grades K-12, calling them “exemplary” or promising” and urging local school districts to “seriously consider” adopting them.

Within six weeks of the Department of Education’s announcement, more than 200 mathematicians and scholars banded together to denounce the government-anointed curricula because they fail to teach basic skills. The group wrote a joint letter to Education Secretary Richard Riley criticizing the “exemplary” programs and asking the Department to reconsider its choices.

The group then published the letter as a full-page ad in the November 18th Washington Post. Despite the prestige of the letter’s signers, including four Nobel Laureates and two winners of the Fields Medal (the highest mathematics honor), Riley refused to back away from the Department’s endorsements.

Riley defended his Department’s recommendations because they conform to the so-called “standards” adopted in 1989 by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Critics charge that these fuzzy math programs, which are touted as complying with “standards,” do not teach traditional or standard arithmetic at all and actually give the word “standards” a bad name. They are based on such theories as that “process skills” are more important than computational skills and that correct solutions are not important so long as the student feels good about what he is doing.

The arguments for fuzzy math are that it is supposed to spare the children the rigors of teacher-imposed rules and teach them that all they need is a calculator. Fuzzy math omits drills in basic math facts, fails to systematically build from one math concept to another, and encourages children to work in groups to “discover” math and construct their own math language.

According to mathematician Joel Davis of the Univ. of California-Davis, one of the signers of the letter to Riley, “Saying that we don’t need to teach children how to compute now that we have calculators is like saying we don’t need to teach them how to draw now that we have cameras.” Mathematician William G. Quirk says, “Nowhere in the NCTM’s 258 pages of standards do they suggest that kids should remember any specific math facts.” Critics also complain that failing to teach children the division of fractions precludes their moving to algebra. David Klein of California State Univ. said, “In shutting the door to algebra, Connected Math also closes the doors to careers in engineering and science.”

If parents want their children to learn arithmetic, they will have to teach them at home.

Twenty-three percent of freshmen entering the California State University system in 1989 needed remedial math courses. That number had increased to 55 percent when the current school year opened.