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President Bush?

Republicans Hold on to Congress

We Are Looking For (more than) a Few Good People

Military Votes Denied by Democrats

America Needs Serious Voter Fraud Reform

Clinton Refuses Funds for Bush Transition

Most Impeachment Managers Keep Their Jobs

Why America Must Never Abolish the Electoral College

They Have Spoken.....


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President Bush?

At the writing of this newsletter Governor George W. Bush has been declared the certified winner of Florida’s 25 electoral votes. But the final outcome of the 2000 presidential election is still technically in the hands of the courts.

Bush won Florida in the original vote count. Then, after the mandatory recount because the margin was so small, Bush won Florida again. So why the manual hand count in selected counties? Because Al Gore fully understood that choosing 3 heavily Democratic counties would give him the best chance to manipulate the electoral process.

Gore, not surprisingly, did not seek a hand count in Republican Duval county, where over 20,000 votes were disqualified for double-marking and other problems.

It is our strongly held belief that hand counting should not have been allowed in any counties, Republican or Democrat. It is prone to human error and partisan subjectivity which became very obvious as we all watched the election officials in Florida try to determine the intent of the voters based on a dimpled chad. It is scandalous that the American people allowed such dishonesty and corruption in an election process! This country stands in desperate need of major election reform.

Conservatives find themselves at a disadvantage in the face of liberal Democrats who insist that the law must be “elastic” and the Constitution is a living, breathing document that should change over time. What arrogance to suggest that they know better than our founding fathers who wrote our constitutional framework! Conservatives believe that laws exist to define limits and should never be back-dated or altered just because an outcome doesn’t suit you.

There is enormous hypocrisy on the part of Al Gore and other Democrats when they repeat their refrain of: “We want every vote to count.” What they actually mean is every vote, except those for Bush. Why else would the Democrats seek to suppress military absentee votes?

It is an affront to the citizens of this country that Al Gore would bring us to a national crisis to preserve his own personal power. He is showing contempt for the Constitution and rule of law by trying to overturn the election through litigation. Only he can call an end to this Democratic jihad and it is way past time to do so!


Republicans Hold On To Congress

Lost in the noise of the presidential election is the great news that we are not facing a Speaker Gephardt in the 107th Congress! Yes, Republicans will govern with a wafer thin majority in the House of Representatives (221 to 212), but a closer look at the results of the election show a net gain in the conservative category. Many of the Republicans who are succeeding retiring Republican House members are decidedly more conservative than their predecessors.

We are also encouraged that Eagle Forum was successful in helping elect some wonderful new members of Congress. There will be at least eight new conservative Representatives who will proudly carry the pro-family banner. Deeply disappointing for Washington State was the defeat of John Koster for Congress. Rick Larsen managed to win the 2nd Congressional district but it was an ugly win and he had to distort John’s record to do it. We hope we have not see the last of John Koster as he is a valuable conservative ally.


We Are Looking For (more than)
a Few Good People

As citizens of this great country we are horrified at the near theft of our republic. The constitutional framework, ordained by God, that our founding fathers put into place is in great peril. There is a battle being waged for the very soul of our nation and many Americans sense this keenly.

There is so much we can learn from Election 2000 and it would be wise and prudent to heed the many lessons that have already become painfully obvious to us.

First of all, liberals will try to win power at all costs so we can no longer be shocked or surprised when we see them subverting the process to gain or maintain their power. They have proven this again in Election 2000 as they bullied, bribed and defrauded the American public into voting for them.

Secondly, we can never again be complacent and assume momentum is on our side. The liberals have built an amazing machine consisting of unions, minority groups and activists and it has become very powerful in recent years. We need to become just as organized and build an effective coalition that will proudly and steadfastly carry the conservative banner. We need to be engaged in an ongoing battle to educate the citizens of this state and country and Eagle Forum is ready and eager for the task.

Make no mistake, there is a brutal battle ahead, but we intend to win! Already we are hearing that a Bush Administration will have to drop the social issues and govern in a moderate way. There are powerful forces that will try to convince Bush that he has no mandate and should proceed slowly.

Well, we would like to ask: did Bill Clinton pursue a timid agenda when he had less than 50% of the vote? Of course not! Clinton aggressively pushed a liberal agenda. And our message to President-elect Bush is—govern boldly! Those who voted for George W. Bush are overwhelmingly pro-family, pro-life and pro-faith. We need to be a constant presence and reminder of what matters most to a majority of Americans.

We have spent considerable time contemplating and discussing all that will be determined by the next administration: issues of faith, life, gun rights, gay rights, property rights, taxes, national security and maybe most importantly, the future of the Supreme Court and other judicial appointments. (The Clinton-Gore administration has named 43% of the total judicial bench)

And now we need your help! It will take all of us working together to repair the damage already done and to face the upcoming battle. Eagle Forum intends to be right in the middle of the clash fighting for these important issues.

Washington Eagle Forum has a very effective E-mail Action Team that responds quickly to important issues on a regular basis. This will be a powerful force in the coming months and we want you to be a part of it!

And of course we must pray. Without it we will lose. We would be pleased if you would join Washington Eagle Forum’s Prayer Team and be involved in an ongoing effort to move mountains.

We hope to be overwhelmed with response by e-mail. waeagles@juno.com


Military Votes Denied by Democrats

In an effort to minimize the impact of military absentee ballots, presumably favorable to Gov. Bush, Democrats succeeded in having 40 percent of overseas ballots thrown out and disqualified.

While the Gore campaign seemed to relish the chance of having “dimpled chads” counted as votes they were eager to have military votes suppressed before they could ever be counted. In the now notorious five-page memo by Democrat lawyer, Mark Herron, vote counters were told to block votes that did not have a postmark. But it is common knowledge that postmarks are not required on absentee ballots from overseas military personnel. At the same time, it is telling that there was no five-page memo on how to throw out absentee ballots from Israel, which would presumably lean toward Gore/Lieberman.

It is a sad day when the men and women who serve and give “the last full measure of devotion” to defend our country are denied the right to vote for their next Commander-in- Chief. Our protectors of freedom deserve better than this.


America Needs Serious Voter Fraud Reform

The most appalling stories of voter fraud have surfaced in the days following the election and Eagle Forum has as one of its top priorities to push for a state and national effort to clean up voter fraud and abuse.

In key states like California and Florida (!) thousands of illegal immigrants were sent voter cards and then received a follow-up letter from President Clinton urging them to save America from the Republican Party. In several states there is evidence that college students were encouraged to vote both in their home state and the state of their college. In Wisconsin, Democrats were caught persuading homeless men to go to the polls for free cigarettes and food. In Missouri, an activist judicial ruling allowed precincts in Democrat-heavy St. Louis to stay open after the voting deadline. This may have allowed deceased Mel Carnahan to defeat Incumbent Sen. John Ashcroft.

Beyond these documented abuses there are several states that allow citizens to walk into polling places on election day and using minimum identification, register and then vote. In Washington State we have the abuse-prone “motor voter” registration. Voter registration has become so lax that identification is no longer required and the state admits they do not have the resources to check if the registrations are valid.

What we need is a national precinct by precinct effort to clean up these abuses and inefficiencies so we never again face such a debacle. If our votes are as important as we are led to believe then this is the least we can do.

First of all, we need to update the antiquated voting systems used in most of the country and bring a uniformity to the system. In order to vote, every citizen should be required to present a picture ID and to sign the register with a signature that matches the one given at the time of registration, which should be at least 30 days before the election.


Clinton Refuses Funds for Bush Transition

The White House has ordered the General Services Administration not to turn over any keys for transition offices in Washington to Governor Bush. Does anyone believe President Clinton would have done any such thing if it were Al Gore who had just been certified by the authorities of 29 states as having won 271 electoral votes? By now Mr. Clinton would be inviting the Vice President and the whole world into the Oval Office for photo-ops.

With the clock running down, the permanent campaign of scorched earth politics will now be employed on all fronts to undermine the legitimacy of Mr. Bush’s claim to the Presidency. The facts will be a casualty.

Well, by now Team Gore has a full taxi squad of spinners who are good at this kind of hard hitting. One of the legacies of the Clinton years, however, was an Administration willing to use the overwhelming legal authority of the federal government to hammer its political enemies. This has been an abuse, and it’s now clear that a Gore Presidency would continue it.

—from a Wall Street Journal editorial, 11/28/2000


Most Impeachment Managers Keep Their Jobs

The expected backlash against Republicans over the impeachment of Bill Clinton did not materialize. Although Republicans lost ground in the House and Senate, they will keep control of the House and a 50-50 tie is expected in the Senate. In fact, 10 out of 13 House impeachment managers were re-elected, seven of them with margins of over 20 percent. One who was not re-elected was Rep. Charles Canady, (R-Fla.) who chose to honor his term limits pledge. Another manager, Rep. Bill McCollum (R-Fla.) ran for the Senate and lost. The only impeachment manager to be defeated was James Rogan whose California district has become more liberal in recent years as a result of immigrants moving into his district. The House did lose another member as president Clinton publicly vowed revenge on Rep. Jay Dickey a Republican from Arkansas for voting YES to impeach Clinton. Dickey lost his election by 4200 votes.


Why America Must Never
Abolish the Electoral College

It does not surprise us to hear clamoring from Hillary Clinton and other like-minded liberals that we should abolish the Electoral College. After all, they have already shown nothing but contempt for the Constitution of the United States.

The Electoral College was included in the Constitution by our founding fathers to preserve the rights of all states in our federalist system of government. If we voted for president based solely on the popular vote then every presidential election would be determined by who the biggest metropolitan areas voted for. And since the city and urban dwellers seem to be the most dependent on government services and federal dollars then it is obvious they would most often vote for the candidate who promises them the most booty. Then it would come down to urban vs. rural and rural would always end up on the short end and their votes would be rendered meaningless. It would not take long for candidates to realize that they only need to campaign in the highest populated area to win an election.

The chaos in Florida is not the result of an antiquated Electoral College but rather it is the result of certain people trying to hijack the presidential election. It would be short-sighted and irresponsible to undermine the Constitution by demolishing the electoral system that has worked well enough for over 200 years.


They Have Spoken…

The aftermath of Election 2000 has been fertile ground for profound remarks by many fine Americans. We thought you would enjoy a few of our favorites.


“Gore’s pregnant chads threaten to give birth to an equally illegitimate presidency.”
—former Gore supporter Jacob Weisman of the online magazine Slate.


“Why should we be surprised that people who approve of an abortionist puncturing the skull of a mostly born baby also approve of electoral theft.”
—Marvin Olasky of World magazine


“We must point out what needs to be pointed out again and again and not ducked or hidden: The Clinton-Gore operatives are trying to steal the election—and it is wrong. The Democrats in their hunger for power will throw the men and women who protect us with their lives over the side—and it is wrong.”
—Peggy Noonan, writer extraordinaire for the Wall Street Journal

“I nominate [Florida’s Secretary of State] Katherine Harris as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year . But I won’t hold my breath.”
—Cindy Honcoop, Director, Washington Eagle Forum


“All of us, in this election, have fought for our views. Now we must live up to our principles. We must show our commitment to the common good, which is bigger than any person or any party. We cannot change yesterday, but we share a responsibility for tomorrow.

The end of an election is the beginning of a new day. Together, we can make this a positive day of hope and opportunity for all who are blessed to be Americans. Thank you very much and God Bless America.”
—President-elect George W. Bush upon certification of the Florida vote.