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America in the Balance: A Call to Action!

Washington State in the Balance

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Washington State Ballot Measures: Eagle Forum Recommendations

Slick vs. Sincere

Talking Points for Defeating Liberals

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Useful Abortion Brochure

Who Will Decide Our Next President

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Action Item: Stop Clinton Judicial Nominees



America in the Balance
A Call to Action!

This year’s election is rapidly approaching and we feel this newsletter could be the most important one we’ve ever sent to you. So much is at stake! Our next president will likely choose the next four Supreme Court justices. This would define the highest court in the land for the next generation. Radical feminist groups like the National Abortion Rights Action League and National Organization for Women realize this as well and are making every attempt to rally their troops with the battle cry, “It’s the Supreme Court, stupid!”

America’s national security has been severely compromised and our military resources have not been this low since before World War II. At a time when our economy is booming, America suffers from a great moral deficit.

We believe that conservatives can have a great impact in effecting the outcome of this election. We can be the difference between victory for pro-family conservatives or a White House and Congress with Al Gore’s radical “Earth First” agenda. Make no mistake! The most important races will be determined by just a few hundred votes.

What all conservatives must do before November 7:

Pray. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” II Chron. 7:14

Convert 5 new voters. Most people don’t vote because they feel uninformed. Have a list of recommendations for them or tell them to call us.

Be generous. Conservative candidates will need a lot of money to counter the avalanche of liberal special interest money and biased media coverage.

Be encouraged! We know we can win! We did it once (Reagan) and we can do it again.



Washington State in the Balance

The battle for us really begins here in Washington state. The results of the primary election were not encouraging to conservatives and frankly too many of us did not bother to vote. But it’s not too late to deliver a great victory on Nov. 7!

Never before have the choices been as significant as they are in this election cycle. The choices we make on election day will affect our families’ future for many years to come. Are we going to continue down the path of a bigger and more intrusive government? The same state government that has handed us a failed education system and a crushing burden of state property taxes? Our state is also reeling under an over regulated health care system that punishes those who are the most vulnerable.

There is a great slate of pro-family conservatives running for election from the local levels all the way to governor. Let’s be part of a historic victory for this great state! Call us if you need information about conservative candidates in your area. 360.354.5697, 360.354.2865




Election Update

It’s More of a Marriage Gap Than a Gender Gap

With the news media making the gender gap a big issue in this presidential race, it’s constructive to take a look at specifics. While George W. Bush leads among men, Al Gore has around an 11 point lead among women. But a closer look shows a marriage gap that is more dramatic than the gender gap. Bush has a solid lead among women under 50 with children still at home by a 45% to 37% margin. I guess values matter after all!

Gore Lagging With Youth

A new survey shows Bush-Cheney ahead of Gore-Lieberman by 43% to 39% among 18 to 24 year olds. The poll indicated the issues of concern for this age group are education, jobs and the economy, crime and violence, and health care. While this segment has low voter turnout, in a close election the youth vote could make the difference. Up next: Gore’s attempt to lure the youth votes…

Gore’s MTV Confession

Al Gore claims to be a moderate, but you would never know it by his interview on MTV on Sept. 26. He told the audience that homosexual foreigners who enter a “civic union” with U.S. citizens should have the same immigration rights as heterosexual married couples. Gore said, “I favor legally recognized civic unions that have the legal protection of marriage.” The public overwhelmingly opposes gay marriage and has voted it down every chance they could. Gore’s values are way out of step with the American people.

Campaign for Working Families, 9/28/2000

Four Battlegrounds

What do Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Missouri have in common? If Bush can win these four states, the Clinton/Gore era will likely be over. Each state appears to be a toss up right now and each state has large populations of pro-life, pro-family voters. Both campaigns are pouring massive amounts of money into these battleground states. Big labor unions are going all out for Gore and, in some cases, sending hundreds of grassroots organizers into them.

Campaign for Working Families, 9/29/2000

NARAL Targets Pro-life Friends

In an effort to defeat pro-life, pro-family candidates, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) has announced a $5 million dollar blitz to contact over 2 million swing voters. Their target list, all Republican, includes 12 stalwart friends of family legislation. Included on this list is Washington state congressional candidate, John Koster. Let’s see to it that NARAL’s campaign fails and their money is spent in vain!

Republican-Turned-Democrat Loses in Primary

Democrats were dealt a blow in their hopes to take back control of Congress when Long Island Democrat, Michael Forbes, lost his seat in New York’s primary election on Sept. 12. After voting against the impeachment of President Clinton, Rep. Forbes switched parties and became a Democrat. Despite his reelection war chest of $1.4, Forbes was defeated by a 71 year old Democrat who spent about $40,000. With Republican voters outnumbering Democrats in this District two to one, a victory on Nov. 7 by Republican candidate Felix Grucci is expected.

Five Legislators Lose Vermont Primary Over Same-Sex Issue

Five incumbent Republicans were defeated in Vermont’s primary election on Sept. 12. All had voted for the controversial law which legalized “civil unions” between persons of the same sex. Vermont is the only state in which a homosexual couple can be legally joined in a union which is virtually identical to marriage. In the 6 1/2 months since the law was passed 656 couples have been recognized, 474 traveling from other states to do so. A grassroots movement, “Take Back Vermont”, deserves credit for their campaign to oust legislators who had supported the “civil union” law.

Eagle Forum News & Notes, 9/29/2000

Flighty Mrs. Clinton

Hillary Clinton underreported her campaign travel expenses on government aircraft by $300,000, the White House has now acknowledged to a congressional panel. The taxpayer’s tab so far to fly the Senate candidate around: $1.515 million, of which her campaign has so far reimbursed the government for only $203,700.

Opinion Journal, 9/30/2000


Washington State Ballot Measures
Eagle Forum Recommendations

Initiative 713—No

Prohibits trapping of animals. This is a direct threat to the rights of property owners.

Initiative 722—Yes

Nullifies fee increases that were quickly passed before Initiative 695 went into effect. Also limits property tax increases to 2% annually.

Initiative 728—No

Mandates class size reduction, expands teacher training and extends learning programs. There is no credible evidence that smaller class size will improve education. Will also bust I-601.

Initiative 729—No

While we wholeheartedly support choices in education we cannot go along with this Charter Schools initiative that leaves the same education bureaucracy in charge.

Initiative 732—No

Gives automatic cost of living pay increases to teachers and district employees. Why only teachers? What will go under funded to provide to comply with I-601 spending limitations?

Initiative 745—Yes

Designates 90% of transportation funds be spent for road construction. Great idea!

SJR 8214—Yes

This resolution will allow investment of funds held in trust for developmentally disabled persons.



Slick vs. Sincere

We can’t resist a few comments on the first presidential debate which took place on Oct. 3. George W. Bush held his own against a slick and boorish debater who acts as if he deserves to be president after 24 years of “public service”. By our count, Al Gore repeated the mantra about tax cuts for the wealthy 26 times! And this viewer got real tired of the sighs and facial contortions. Gov. Bush, on the other hand, came across as a sincere and credible candidate with very specific ideas about the direction he wants to take this country. Initial reaction shows viewers were also impressed with Bush’s sincerity.


Talking Points for Defeating Liberals

Liberals (most often Democrats) give us big government policies that exploit working Americans.

Liberals are responsible for policies that have produced failure in our schools and starve children of opportunity.

Liberals send their own children to private schools but deny the same choice for poor children.

Liberals designed a welfare system that created an “under class” of broken homes, dependency and despair.

Under liberal leadership Social Security and Medicare is going broke. They fight any plan to reform the system.

Liberals fight for big government, high taxes and bureaucracies that keep Americans down.

Use these points to define our opponents in letters, conversations, talk shows, etc.


Start Your Own Eagle Forum Chapter

You can “fly with the Eagles” by joining with the most effective national organization of men and women who share conservative and pro-family values.

If you are interested in forming an Eagle Forum chapter in your area we would love to talk with you. Call Cindy at 360.354.2865



Help us Spread the Word

For the record, we are pleased to grant our permission for you to copy in its entirety this Eagle Forum newsletter and any future issues. All we ask is that due credit goes to Washington Eagle Forum. Our goal is to spread our conservative message far and wide and we rely on your efforts to help us do that. Thank you!



Useful Abortion Brochure

With this special election mailing we enclosed a brochure which outlines the presidential candidates’ positions on abortion. To see the brochure online go to www.ConcernedAboutValues.com

We encourage you to make copies and distribute them to your pro-life friends and neighbors. They are also very appropriate for church distribution. (with permission, of course)


A View From the Right

Who Will Decide Our Next President?

Is America allowing the elite media to decide who will be our next president? The press has dropped any pretense of presenting the news without bias and is manipulating events to make one candidate look bad and another look favorable.

Mispronounce a word and dyslexia becomes the issue of the day, meanwhile Al Gore promises the moon to gain our vote and the press gives him a pass. Gore slams the entertainment industry for marketing adult-themed products to underage children and then three days later stuffs his pockets with $6 million from the same studios that market sex and violence to my grandchildren. This does not even pass the laugh test!

The Gore campaign calls Bush and Cheney oil magnates while the Gore family owes its affluence to the Occidental Oil Company. And speaking of conflict of interest—the Navy Elk Hills oil reserve near Bakersfield was sold on Al Gore’s watch to whom? Occidental Oil! Will we hear a little more about that?



Eagle Forum Best Web Picks

We have found the internet to be a powerful method of communication. It offers tremendous opportunity, completely free from liberal control. We have come up with a list of some our favorite web sites and hope you have a chance to check them out. Please pass along your favorite sites to us and we may publish them in a future issue.







www.michaelmedved.com (movie reviews)

www.gradingthemovies.com (video reviews)

www.crosswalk.com (Christian site)




Action Item!

Stop Clinton Judicial Nominees

In the final months of the Clinton/Gore administration it is imperative that we forcefully urge our U.S. Senators to block any further activist/liberal judicial appointments. As the last scheduled session before the election comes to a close there will be great pressure on the U.S. Senate and House to pass as much of the Clinton/Gore agenda as possible. So far the Senate has held firm on their commitment to put a hold on any more federal judicial nominees. Our thanks to Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) for taking a leadership role in this action.

Currently there are 63 judicial vacancies and we need to send the message that we do not want any last minute nominees before Congress adjourns. Let them know that we will be watching their actions and it will definitely affect our vote in November.

While you are at it let’s also send the message to our two Washington State Senators that we would be far less impressed with how much of our money they are spending than with how much they can send back to us in the form of tax cuts!

Senator Slade Gorton http://gorton.senate.gov

Senator Patty Murray senator_murray@murray.senate.gov