Eagle Forum Trains Brightest for College Campuses

Students from across the country flocked to Washington, D.C., June 21-22, to attend Eagle Forum Collegians 14th Annual Leadership Summit. Students from 100 colleges and universities and interns from dozens of congressional offices came to learn how to get involves in politics, fight liberalism and lies on their campuses, and how to be better leaders in the conservative movement.

Thursday’s session, held at the Phoenix Park Hotel, was the first interaction with Members of Congress many of the Collegians had experienced. Speaking on everything from taxes to global warming hype, the list of distinguished speakers included Senator Jim Inhofe and Representatives Steve King, Tom Tancredo, Trent Franks, Jimmy Duncan, Walter Jones, Tim Walberg, Ron Paul, Todd Akin, Virgil Goode and Marsha Blackburn. The Collegians also heard from Eagle Forum’s Executive Director Jessica Echard and President Phyllis Schlafly.

Friday was dubbed P.I.G. day as they heard from the authors of the  Politically Incorrect Guide series on such topics as the Constitution, American History, Darwinism and Evolution, Capitalism, Science, English and American Literature, Global Warming, Feminism and even Islam. The Collegians asked well-thought-out questions, proving that Eagle Forum Collegians are among the brightest students on our nation’s campuses. 

Washington Eagle Forum Collegians Miguel and Suzanna Valdez joined Phyllis Schlafly in Washington D.C. for this year's Collegian Summit.