A Free People

By Henry Lamb  

Th e federal government was created by people who were sick and tired of a king's gov ernment that controlled every facet of life. They wrote a Con stitution that explicitly limited the power of the new govern ment. Under this new govern ment, individuals were free to pursue happiness as they chose. In 200 years, this new nation of free people created prosperity unmatched in all of history. 

While free people were busy pursuing their happiness, oth ers were free to pursue political power. Throughout the 20th century, a cancer grew in the very fabric of freedom. The idea that the role of govern ment is to provide for its citi zens is a return to the dark ages when the prevailing thought was that without the protection of a benevolent government (king), man's life was, as Tho mas Hobbes put it, "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." 

The people who share Hobbes' philosophy have been called by many labels over the years, but they all fit rather nicely into the ideas expressed most elo quently in modern times by Karl Marx. 

It matters not what labels are pinned on the people who want to put government in charge of individual lives; what matters is that freedom cannot exist when it requires the permission of government. 

The people who have found life to be "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short," are eager for government to take control of their lives, and the lives - and fortunes - of those people whose pursuit of happiness has produced prosperity. When government assumes control it can "spread the wealth around." 

The war in Washington is far more than a battle between political parties; it is a war for the survival of America. Forget the labels; forget the political affiliation. Focus on the people who believe that America must remain a nation that honors its' Constitution and cherishes the freedom of every individual. These are the people who must be elected. People who want to transform the foundation of America must be rejected. Freedom cannot co-exist with a government that insists on controlling its citizens. 

For generations, government has been moving away from the idea of Constitutional limi tations. Now, Congress no longer even pays lip-service to the Article 1, Section 8 Con gressional limitations of power. Now, led by a devout, admitted,"wealth-spreader," the federal government is mov ing rapidly to bury all traces of individual freedom. The new government now under con struction will require that the pursuit of happiness begin at the desk of a federal bureau crat, and follow only the path prescribed by government. 

The federal government has already imposed, or is impos ing, what is called Sustainable Development. This "sound-  good" label obscures the con trol that government exercises over where an individual may live, what type of transporta tion must be used, and even the kind of materials that may be used in his home. This is not freedom; this is tyranny.  

Government has taken control of land use through wetland, critical habitat, urban boundary zones, and other control mechanisms. Government is attempting to take control over all water in the United States, as well as the activities that may affect water (S-787). 

Government ignored its Con stitutional limitation when it used its citizens' money to bail out those financial institutions it favored, while allowing oth ers to go broke. Government didn't even consider the Con stitution when it fired the CEO of General Motors, reorganized a private corporation and used tax dollars to buy a controlling interest. 

Government is taking control over energy use by declaring carbon dioxide to be a pollut ant, and allowing the EPA to regulate it. Government is at tempting to create a "cap & trade" program that will not only control the energy avail able to individuals, but will also produce windfall profits for the government at the ex pense of the individual. 

Nothing in the Constitution authorizes the government to take control of the health care industry. Nevertheless, legisla tion now pending will create more than 100 new bureaucra cies to take control of virtually every facet of health care.  

The federal government has become the tyrannical king that our forefathers fought so hard to cast off. 

The next two elections will determine whether the great American experiment succeeds -- or not.  

The current majority in Wash ington, which obviously rejects the idea of limited government and individual freedom, must be removed, or at least signifi cantly reduced, in 2010. In 2012, a whole new regime must capture the Capitol.  

Only candidates who demon strate their reverence for the Constitution by pledging to vote only for legislation that cites its Constitutional author ity should be elected.  

The people who must be removed from Washington are those who vote for govern ment's takeover of all water, energy use, or health care. There is no way a politician can "preserve, protect, and defend" the U.S. Constitution while allowing the government to ignore the limitations im posed upon it by the Constitu tion.  

Patriots must look beyond party affiliation to see how individual politicians vote. 

Support those who support the Constitution and its principles of freedom. Reject all others.