Gay Marriage Advocates Speak

“The court has dealt a devastating setback to same-sex marriage proponents.” Mathew Staver, Liberty Council

“Today we hurt and today we mourn, and tomorrow we go back to work.” Representative Ed Murray, an openly gay Seattle Democrat

“Something must be done to give all couples the same rights enjoyed by heterosexuals. I will work with anyone who wants to advance the idea that the state should not discriminate.” Governor Christine Gregoire

“This decision will not stand the test of time. Justice won’t allow it to stand the test of time.” Ron Sims, King County Executive

“I’m convinced it’s time to do what women did to gain the vote, what blacks did to secure civil rights. We need to hit the streets and be noticed and not go away until we get what we want.” Bill Dubay, Seattle gay rights activist

“I think it’s time to end the right-wing jihad against gay and lesbian people. I think the state should sanction marriage for loving couples regardless of their gender.” Representative  Brendan Williams, Democrat from Olympia