Government At Its Worst

During a time that our deficit is growing at an unprecedented rate and our economy is suffer ing, the House and Senate passed the FY10 Omnibus Ap propriations bill.   


The bill provides, among other things, massive funding in creases for international family planning, domestic family planning, and condom promo tion.   


We are in debt up to our eye balls, living on a credit card, and hemorrhaging jobs.  Subsi dizing condoms is hardly our top priority. 


This omnibus bill is bad government at its worst. There are so many reasons to be outraged by this betrayal of the American people.

This bill spends nearly half the discretionary portion of the fed eral budget on just six federal departments. 


It was debated for just one hour (that’s $7.4 billion spent per minute of debate). 


No one could possibly have read the entire bill before casting their vote.   It was released from the Rules Committee Wednesday and Members and the public had just one day to review this 2,500 page, $446 billion dollar bill before yesterday’s scheduled vote.   


The bill contains more than 5,000 earmarks. 


For the six departments included in the bill, it increases their base funding by 12% at a time when everyone else is cutting back.

- Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah) 


Democrats continue to hide offensive provisions in behe moth bills and passing them at record speed avoiding all public debate and scrutiny. 


Washington Legislators —  

How They Represented You: 


Sen. Murray - not voting 

Sen. Cantwell - yea 


Rep. Inslee - yea 

Rep. Larsen  yea 

Rep. Baird  - nay 

Rep. Hastings - nay 

Rep McMorris - nay 

Rep Dicks - yea 

Rep McDermott - yea 

Rep Reichert - nay 

Rep Smith - yea