Addressing Iraq
U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) released the following statement regarding President Bush’s address to the nation on Iraq:

“It is vitally important to realize the dire global consequences should America abandon its mission in Iraq. Radical Islamic terrorists would control the country, aligning themselves with rogue nations like Syria and Iran while using one of the world’s largest oil supplies to fund their terrorist activities. The region would be further destabilized as Iraq becomes a safe haven for terrorists plotting attacks against America and our allies, especially Israel.”

“When we consider Iraq and the war on terror we must ask ourselves, ‘Do we want to win?’ If the answer is no, then we should immediately bring home our troops. Leaving our soldiers in harm’s way if we do not intend to win would be a great dishonor. However, if our goal is to secure a future for our children and grandchildren that is free from terrorism, we cannot leave Iraq because we are dissatisfied with the progress being made.”

Voice of a Veteran
“It is not for the sake of political victory, or of permanent alliance, that we must now band together and support both our country and our soldiers as they take the fight to the enemy; rather, it is for the sake of our very survival. The enemy--declared to be so by their actions not by our whim--has shown again and again that they have the will to fight on, against soldiers and civilians alike, as long as it takes to wear down and defeat us. Do we have the will to fight back and overcome those who will be appeased by no end but total victory or total defeat? Do we have a choice?”
Jeff Emanuel, special operations military veteran

Same Strategy—Our Nation
Tony Perkins (FRC) “I recently attended a meeting of scholars and clergy from the U.K., Africa, and Australia all attesting to the strategic spread of Islam in their nations. The same pattern is now at work here in the U.S. Their warning to us—if we do not face this reality Islamists will advance their quest for dominion here just as they have all over  Western Europe. The United States is the last bastion of hope against these enemies of Christianity, Israel, America and freedom everywhere.

The strategy in each country has been the same:
-public relations campaigns
-interfaith dialogues
-visits to Christian pulpits to spread the message of Islam as a religion of peace
-the establishment of Islamic organizations that preach moderation without but extremism within
-gaining access and influence with high government officials, running for political office
-building huge imposing mosques that dominate the landscape in strategically important locations
-aggressively using anti-discrimination laws against groups and individuals to intimidate those who dare to criticize Islam, while openly preaching hate against Christians, Jews and other “infidels”.

Americans be warned, federal “hate crimes” legislation will be used against you and will evolve into “hate speech” laws, the kind both Muslims and radical homosexuals have used to silence Christians elsewhere.

Pray that our leaders and all Americans will awaken, study and understand the war being waged against us.

Criminal Illegals
Recently in Baltimore, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in an unmarked van were approached in a convenience store parking lot by a group of illegal aliens looking for work. The ICE agents found that all 24 men were illegal aliens. Six had criminal records, eight had failed to comply with deportation orders, and one man had been caught at the border four times! A spokeswoman for Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon said that the arrests highlighted the need for a day-laborer center in the city. Really? What these arrests actually reveal, however, is the need for Congress to pass an immigration bill that first and foremost defends America’s homeland security and protects our families by keeps criminals off our streets!   
Gary Bauer