Irresponsible Science Reporting

A recent release of a research study of adoptive parents in the journal American Sociological Review and the subsequent reporting show the biased media spin of agenda driven science studies. Even though the study had nothing to do with homosexual marriage it has been portrayed as undermining arguments against homosexual parenting.

The research compared adoptive and biological parents in terms of their "parental investment" in their children. The study found that adoptive parents rate higher on these investments than biological parents but the authors attempted to apply the findings to same-sex parenting as well as male-female marriages. The actual study supports no such conclusion because all of the couples in the study were heterosexual couples.

The premise of this study was an apparent attempt gain full acceptance for homosexual parenting and same-sex marriage. What is not stated are the other supported research studies that show children suffer when a home does not provide both a male and female role model. A lack of a biological tie and exposure to homosexual behavior can also cause negative consequences for children.