Lessons From Olympia

There is a simple equation every Washington state citizens needs to memorize as we head into this very important 2008 election cycle: Candidates + Elections = Policy.    In other words, the people we elect  and send to Olympia will mandate by force of law how we live, how we work and how we raise our families.

In Washington State we need a reality check. We need to take a hard look at the impact of the 2008 legislative session and draw a connecting line from the legislators we elect to the 4300 plus bills that were introduced and the 852 new laws passed. In what direction did they seek to take our state, and to what extent were they successful?
Bob Williams, President of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation. recently summarized his view of the session with this candid statement: "In the 32 years I have been following or participating in the legislature, this was the ugliest session I have seen in terms of legislative arrogance, attacks on individual liberty, fiscal insanity, and big government proposals."

And it’s true. This session, legislators flaunted an outrageous disregard for fiscal responsibility and personal freedom. Bills were passed by the brute-force bully tactics of one-party rule  that stripped even more money away from hard working citizens and imposed even greater restrictions and regulations that assail our freedoms.

Let’s speak truth here: big government always come at the expense of liberty, and big government hurts every citizen —even those it purports to help.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We have a voice, we have a vote, and we must use them to change the direction of policy in our state.

Consider that in this critical election cycle the following positions will all be on the November ballot: every U.S. house seat, every state house seat, several senate seats, three justices to the state Supreme Court, and of course, governor. Add in the probability of an assisted suicide initiative and it’s clear we face a defining and momentous election. 

Who we elect to these positions will impact how we live, and now is the time to consider this carefully and thoughtfully. There is simply too much at stake.

Advancing principled policy takes effort. Let me be specific: it takes your effort. How do you plan to participate in this process? What part will you play in ensuring principled policy prevails in Washington State?
 For some of you this may mean running for office. There is a great need for citizens to step forward and  serve in elected positions at every level.

Everyone of us needs to be informed and engaged in the process. Washington Eagle Forum will continue to be a source of information on issues and an unyielding voice promoting sound conservative policy.

"In the early decades of the Republic, equality meant equality before God; liberty meant the liberty to shape one's own life....A very different meaning of equality has emerged in the United States in recent decades -- equality of outcome. Everyone should have the same level of living or of income, should finish the race at the same time. Equality of outcome is in clear conflict with liberty. The attempt to promote it has been a major source of bigger and bigger government, and of government-imposed restrictions on our liberty."   -- Milton Friedman