Let Your Voice Be Heard In Prayer and Action

With the new legislative session in full swing in Olympia, bills are even now before the House and Senate committees that will have critical impact on the moral and spiritual climate of our state. In the face of such severe attacks on marriage, family and our Christian values Washington Eagle Forum would like to encourage you be active and involved.

Please use the information given to call your legislators about bills they will soon be voting on. Each bill listed is currently in committee. We have been warned that these bills will soon be voted out of committee and sent to the floor of both the House and Senate. We expect that voting on these critical issues will happen quickly and debate will be limited.

Unfortunately with the current make up of our House and Senate we are in the position of playing major defense. The bills listed here appear unstoppable from our human perspective. However, we strongly believe that God hears the prayers of His people and that He is our Great Defender. We will put our hope in Him and stand boldly in His truth for what is right.

If you are not sure who your legislators are you can use either the legislative hotline or www.washingtonvotes.org to help you identify them. A call directly to their office is also very effective.

Please note that on the bills we listed “HB” refers to a  house bill, so you would contact your Representatives with a message on those bills. “SB” is a senate bill so your message would then be directed to your Senator.
Please commit to do all you can during this session. Pray boldly. Act boldly. Share boldly. This information is meant to be shared with your families, friends  and with your church. You will find additional information regarding legislation our web site: www.waeagles.com. We are available to you as a resource of information.