Mining the Welfare Vote

Governor Gregoire has issued an executive order instructing Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to provide their clients with the opportunity to register to vote. The federal Motor-Voter Law is already in place to register “eligible citizens” but now  Gregoire has expanded the law to include the agency of DSHS.

While the law states that agents at driver’s licensing offices are required to ask voter registration applicants if they are United State’s citizens, no such safeguard was specifically included in the executive order for voter registration at DSHS offices.

Because DSHS promotes services to thousands of illegal immigrants it is likely that some non-citizens will sign up to vote and the Secretary of State’s office does not have the capability to effectively screen the voter roles for non-citizens.

After the brutal murder of 12 year-old Tacoma resident Zina Linnik, it was revealed that the accused murderer was a registered voter in Pierce County. Terapon Adhahn managed to remain an active voter for more than five years even though he was a felon and a non-citizen.

In a written response to Gregoire’s executive order, Bob Williams, President of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation stated, “Accurate voter roles are the first line of defense against election fraud, and right now Washington has a gaping security hole that allows non-citizens to register and vote undetected.”