THE NATIVITY STORY tells the story of the birth of Jesus Christ in a dramatic, authentic manner. It is one of those very rare movies that brings the Gospel alive in a compelling, captivating, entertaining, and inspirational manner that shatters expectations. It is a sacred movie and a divine revelation in the best sense of these words. It is a human story with depth and breadth and height and all the right elements to capture the audience.

THE NATIVITY STORY is a nearly perfect movie. It should be a movie that every Christian would want to see. It is certainly a movie that every Non-Christian should see. It testifies in every way to Jesus the Messiah and is clearly and consciously evangelistic. Such statements that this baby is the “greatest King” and “God made flesh,” that the gold is for the King of the world, that the frankincense is for the greatest priest of all, and that the myrrh is to honor the sacrifice, and many, many more pointedly proclaim the story of the Christ and the great news that there is salvation in none other.

Interest in producing Christian films skyrocketed after Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. The low-budget Christian hit Facing the Giants is helping keep that interest alive. Larry Poland, chairman of MasterMedia International, said producers of The Nativity Story told him they would not even have been able to pitch the concept three years ago.

“But because of the success of the faith-based, inspirational and even religious-themed movies,” he said, “they are now getting in line to get on the gravy train.”

THE NATIVITY STORY is the first Bible-themed movie from a major studio in fifty years. Let’s celebrate this sacred season with a rare thanks to Hollywood and maybe it won’t take fifty years for the next biblical film.

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