Progressive Majority: Influencing a campaign near you

A well-funded ultraliberal organization is actively influencing policy and politics here in Washington State. Progressive Majority is aggressively importing both out-of-state money and campaign workers to elect socialist-leaning candidates to state and local offices.

New Label, Old Agenda
“Progressive” is the slick new label used by leftist front groups, but make no mistake, their agenda is radically socialist. Progressive Majority is a front group for and is funded by anti-American George Soros. The vast majority of campaign money for Progressive Majority candidates is coming from out-of-state sources.

On their website they boast of their accomplishments and future projections:

“We are the nation’s only political organization dedicated exclusively to electing progressive champions at the state and local level.”

After claiming to have successfully elected 102 candidates in 2006, Progressive Majority boldly states, “We’re not giving conservatives a chance to regroup. We haven’t let up on recruiting and electing progressives” who they identify as “teachers, union members, and organizers” claiming to “create a pipeline of progressive candidates who are running for office in 2007 and beyond”.

“Progressive Majority’s mission is to elect progressive champions. We accomplish this by identifying and recruiting the best progressive leaders to run for office; coaching and supporting their candidacies by providing strategic message, campaign, and technical support. We build locally to win nationally.”

Claiming “progressive values are American values” Progressive Majority lists its political agenda as: economic justice - prosperity accessible to all; civil rights - including gender and sexual orientation; health care -  for every individual; education - quality public education for all; environment - restoring and protecting our environment; reproductive freedom - personal individual decisions.

Target: Washington State
Claiming a network of over 50,000 progressives nationwide and a well-funded PAC financing their liberal agenda, Progressive Majority states “we operate locally led, state focused programs in Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin”.

Just how has Progressive Majority impacted our state? “Washington was one of the first states in which we opened our doors in spring 2004. Since then, we have helped swing control of the State Senate from one-vote Republican majority to a 32—17 margin and increase the margin in the state house from 52—47 to 62—37. In addition, we’ve elected progressives to towns with 150 voters to large county offices across the state.”

Progressive candidate elected or re-elected in 2006 are prominently displayed on their website, complete with pictures and bio’s. Candidates were elected in Spokane, Vancouver, Bainbridge Island, Sequim, Gig Harbor, Auburn, Everett, Kirkland, Kent, Camano Island, and Port Orchard.

Under 2006 Election Highlights they state, “Derek Kilmer was elected to the Washington State Senate in the 26th District. Derek was Progressive Majority’s top-tier candidate for the State House in 2004—this year we worked to move him up to the senate, making him our first successful “pipeline” candidate!”

And this: “Chris Marr was elected to represent District 6 [Spokane] in the Washington State Senate, and in doing so became the first Democrat elected there since 1938!”

Target: Conservatives
Progressive Majority Washington has only just begun its work here and openly expresses concern about what they call “conservative strongholds” in Washington State which they define as “low income, blue collar, and culturally conservative regions” of our state.

Their plan: “Within the next five years, progressives have the opportunity to disperse these strongholds. This will, in effect take Washington off of the list of swing states and put it squarely into the progressive camp.”

Visit the Progressive Majority website to identify their candidates for the 2007 election cycle. They cover a range of elected positions including school boards, city and county council races, port commissioners, county prosecutor, sheriff, county treasurer and a mayor.

Please reproduce this article and send it to everyone you know so they can be alerted to Progressive Majority candidates running for office in their community. Do whatever you can to alert citizens to their dangerous agenda.

*All of the information quoted here is from their website: