Revenue vs. Spending

As families across Washington State adjust their personal finances to meet the challenges of the rising cost of absolutely everything, candidates running for office at every level of government deserve to answer an important question of this campaign: do we have a revenue problem or a spending problem?

How a candidate answers that question will have a significant impact on your finances, your family and your job.

For example, let’s look at how the question of taxes was handled by our two candidates for governor. as detailed in a recent AP article following their first debate:

“Rossi said that he would not raise taxes. Gregoire said that "now is not the time to be raising taxes, or talking, even, about raising taxes," something that Rossi quickly seized on.

"She didn't say she wasn't going to raise taxes, she said now is not the time to be talking about it," he said.”

Every penny spent by government is taken from a taxpayer’s pocket. Your pocket.
Candidates posturing for our votes in November we need to convince us they understand and respect this.

As you decide who to vote for on November 4 do you know where they stand on raising your taxes.
If not, you need to know.

And be sure to note how they answer. Will you raise my taxes — yes or no? A one-word answer will do.