Smart Stimulus

by Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation has consistently advocated for all Americans to pay less taxes because that is the true way to stimulate the economy. The poorly designed U.S. tax code places an enormous constraint on America’s international competitiveness, productivity growth, wage growth, and jobs. An alternative to the Trillion Dollar Spending Plan being debated on the Hill, the American Option Act, would benefit all Americans by:
• Reducing business taxes from 35
percent to 25 percent
• Make tax policy changes of 2001 and
2003 permanent
• Dramatically reduce the Estate Tax by
15 percent
• Keep tax rates on dividends and
capital gains at 15 percent
And that is Smart Stimulus that will put money in the pockets of taxpayers in every state, and create jobs in every state. Instead of fixing our tax system one Cabinet member at a time, let’s give all Americans the ability to create wealth, jobs and family security. President Obama spoke on the campaign trail of uniting two Americas. We would hope he would start by showing Americans there is only one standard for low taxes, and not create a separate one for the wealthy, elite or politically connected.