Too Many Liberal Doctors in the House

Few people would argue that our health care system is not in trouble. Key qualities like affordability, accessibility, portability and transparency are sorely lacking, but the prescription that liberal leaders on Capitol Hill are presently writing offers no relief.

First, we are looking at mandates; mandates that will require every American (with a handful of exceptions for the impoverished) to carry health insurance and mandates for employers to provide health care, with some exemptions for small businesses. There will also be a new "government option" for health insurance, which could be described as Medicare for the middle-aged and the middle-income.

The Senate counterpart of the House bill reportedly would make the government option available to people with incomes up to 500 percent of the poverty line--an unprecedented reach of a federal entitlement program into the nation's middle class. Then there is the issue of the government mandating what is in the health care plans. As of right now, and we are working to ensure this doesn't happen, "reproductive health care" is going to be included, which means Americans will be directly funding abortion for the first time in over three decades!

Finally, there is the enormous price tag, an estimated one trillion dollars. How will a government that is already borrowing 50 cents of every dollar it spends pay for such a massive program? Taxes! Here is where we get into the undefined. It is not clear yet how they propose to pay for something that represents at least 17% of the GDP. It is clear that the Obama administration wants health care" reform and they are determined to rush something through as soon as possible.

Tony Perkins, Family Research Council, 6/10/2009