UN Plans For Legally Binding Environmental Laws

A draft proposal released by the  United Nation’s climate negotiat ing group outlines a plan for creating two new international agencies designed to transfer  technology and money from de veloped Western states such as the United States to undeveloped Third World Countries.   

Released Friday by the Ad Hoc Working Group on Long Term  Cooperative Action (AWG-LCA)  --the U.N. group responsible for negotiating a successor to the  Kyoto Protocol treaty at Copen hagen--the draft proposal outlines  the major commitments and obli gations of both developed and undeveloped nations.    

Among the proposals the draft agreement outlines are a new international agency responsible  for redistributing financial re sources from developed countries to developing ones and another new international agency that  would coordinate the redistribu tion of advanced technologies to those same developing countries.   

Under the proposed agreement,the details of which will be worked out over the coming  week, developed countries-- including the United States--  would be responsible for not only  enacting their own “legally- binding” environmental laws but also for funding and assisting the environmental agendas of Third World states. 

To facilitate these plans, devel oped nations must pay annual contributions starting in 2013. These new international fees  would be collected and redistrib uted by a new international  agency.