VOTE! Recommendations for ballot initiatives

Initiative Measure 960—YES!
This measure would require two-thirds legislative approval or voter approval for tax increases. Sponsored by Tim Eyman and titled The Taxpayer Protection Act, this measure will subject all fee increases to legislative approval and require that voters be provided with detailed cost analysis of all proposed tax and fee increases. Voters should enact this measure into law.

Referendum Measure 67—REJECTED
This measure would prohibit insurers from denying certain insurance claims (auto, property, liability and other) and will permit trial lawyers to recover up to triple damages.
*Written and sponsored by Washington’s trial lawyers. Trial lawyers win, consumers lose!
*Will increase frivolous lawsuits and cause higher insurance rates for consumers.
*This measure not needed as consumers already have the right to sue insurance companies.

Senate Joint Resolution 8206—APPROVED
Called the Budget Stabilization Act this measure will establish a constitutionally protected rainy-day account for the state budget. If approved the constitution will be amended to deposit one percent of state revenues into an emergency reserve fund.

Senate Joint Resolution 8212—REJECTED
This measure would authorize state-operated inmate labor programs.
An amendment to the Constitution should only be passed with utmost consideration. The arguments to reject this measure are more compelling than reasons to approve. Among them is the threat of taking jobs from law-abiding citizens.

House Joint Resolution 4204—REJECTED!
How many times do the voters need to affirm the common-sense protection of 60% majority for school levies? This constitutional amendment would eliminate supermajority approval requirements for school district tax levies. NO! NO! NO! Passage of 4204 would allow for simple majority passage of school levies and will lead to higher property taxes. Simply put, a small number of voters can raise property taxes on everyone. Protect property owners and REJECT this measure.

House Joint Resolution 4215—REJECTED
This measure would allow higher education funds to be invested in stock or bonds. This amendment to the state constitution should be rejected and university trust funds should remain in stable investments.