WA State Democrats Set To Dismantle Electoral College

The Democrat-controlled state legislature is set to pass an anti-Electoral College bill that will circumvent the US Constitution.
SB 5599, the National Popular Vote bill, is an attempt to avoid the constitutional amendment
process and effectively replace the Electoral College with a national popular vote.
The bill risks increased polarization and destabilization of American politics, emboldening powerful special interests, extensive litigation, national recounts, and geographic imbalance.
Some left-wing activists want to destroy the Electoral College—by undoing the Constitution and changing the way presidents are elected—and replacing it with the national popular vote.
This effort threatens to shut rural America out of national politics and make it easier for big city political machines to steal the presidency.
Using the national popular vote to elect presidents would make all of American politics more radical and divisive.
These activists are trying to side-step the constitutional amendment process by getting states legislatures to pass a law that would effectively ignore the constitutional system.
The compact will go into effect if enacted by states representing at least 270 electoral votes, and so far has been adopted in Maryland, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Illinois and introduced in nearly every other state.
Trent England