We Want Our Party Back!

What Conservatives Must Do to Regain the Majority

We acknowledge there are reasons to be concerned about the future of our country. On the one hand, we face an epic struggle against the socialist-liberal agenda of a governing Democrat Party.

Equally distressing is the apparent identity crisis in the Republican Party. They traded in the superior ideas and conservative ideals of the Grand Old Party for the prospect of governing power and favor. Along the way, they lost their way.

It is necessary to renew and restart the conservative vision that was established under Ronald Reagan. We must insist that Republican Party leadership and our presidential nominee make commitments on the issues we care about. We must once again become known as the party that empowers the people not the government. The principles of lower taxes, smaller government, defeating our enemies and protecting innocent life are still a winning message and one that a majority of Americans already share.

We are only months away from electing the next President of the United States and friends; this is not a time to be dispirited and divided. Remember, the Democrats are in a worse situation because they are stuck with Obama! What a choice!

If elected, a Democrat president will be faithful to their liberal calling. We will have higher taxes and oppressive top-down government. We will have radical judges who believe in an “evolving” Constitution and who will rely on foreign courts as a basis for American law. We will have universal healthcare and America will be more exposed to our enemies as an inexperienced president follows a dangerously misguided appeasement doctrine.

On Nov. 4 the decision will not be difficult because the alternative compels us to vote for the candidate who has already promised lower taxes and a smaller, more accountable government. But there are two other central issues that transcend even those essential principles. Judges and Iran. And we dare not leave those to Obama!

A great challenge faces us today but Americans are not faint-hearted people. We’ve done it before—we must do it again! Let’s work together and demand the principled conservative leadership that America deserves.

For those of us who cherish freedom and liberty we must fight to win because losing is not an option for the sake of future generations. Please stand with us!