Inslee Slapped with a Lawsuit

News Tribune Editorial Board

September 8, 2019

Forty-four U.S. states have given their governors line-item veto authority; it’s a chance for a chief executive to split the difference on a bill approved by the state legislature, signing most of it into law while removing sections the governor can’t abide.

Washington is one of those states, and our governors through the years have used the authority to counter wasteful spending, pork barrel politics and the Legislature’s formidable power of the purse.

National Popular Vote Betrays Voters

August 2019

By Tara Ross

The Electoral College is on the chopping block — again. Many of those working against the institution are Democrats, driven by upset over the 2016 election. Now, however, anti-Electoral College activists are hoping to get Republicans on board with their idea.

NPV’s plan will not work without the support of a few red or purple states. But don’t be fooled. The Electoral College is not partisan. Anyone who strives to change it for political purposes will be disappointed.

WA State Freshman Senator Das Claims Dems are "racist"

July 9, 2019
By Glen Morgan

Washington State Freshman Senator Mona Das has generated a substantial amount of attention recently with her comments at a Kent Chamber of Commerce meeting a few weeks ago (June 20th) where she claimed that her fellow Democratic Party Senators (presumably just those who identify as “white’’), were unapologetic racists behind closed doors. Here is the Senator’s exact quote about what happens when the Democrat Party Senators close their door for private (caucus) meetings:

Trump: “Every Life is Sacred Gift From God”

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews

June 19, 2019

During his kickoff rally last night in Orlando, Florida, President Donald Trump slammed abortion and Democrats’ extremism on abortion. Before a rousing crowd of 20,000 in the arena and tens of thousands watching huge screens outside it, Trump rebuked Democrats for supporting abortion up to birth and planning on forcing Americans to fund abortions.