U.S. Congressional Resolution Supports Israel

By Cathy McMorris Rodgera

October 11, 2023

Make no mistake about it: Israel is at war.

Over the weekend, barbaric Hamas terrorists launched a brutal attack on Israel by land, air, and sea. They went from house to house raping and capturing women and girls, murdering in cold blood anyone who stood in their way – even babies.

More than 5,000 rockets have been fired at Israel. 1,200 innocent people are dead, including 22 Americans. 3,000 more are wounded, at least 150 are being held hostage, and an unknown number are still missing. Hamas – who seeks nothing less than the destruction of Israel – is on a campaign of unrelenting terror.

As Americans, we cannot look away. We cannot be silent. The United States must lead with moral clarity in this moment to identify and help eradicate the evil that is Hamas. We must be steadfast in our support of Israel as they confront these Iran-backed terrorists and fight to protect the innocent.

In Congress, I joined more than 400 of my colleagues in introducing a bipartisan resolution to reaffirm America’s strong support for Israel as it defends itself against these barbaric attacks. Now we must work together to make the tough decisions necessary to bring all American hostages home, hold Iran accountable for their role in these atrocities, and provide our ally with every possible resource they need to win this war. 

My prayers continue to be with all of the victims and their families enduring unimaginable grief and profound loss. You have my word that I will not waiver in support of our ally. I will stand with Israel and the Jewish people – today, tomorrow, and always.