Washington Eagle Forum On Watch in Olympia

January 10, 2024

By Cindy Honcoop, Washington Eagle Forum

This Session in Olympia

On Monday January 8 the Washington State Legislature began their 60-day legislative session. Hundreds of bills will be considered. Lawmakers will also approve a supplemental budget proposal from Governor Jay Inslee.

During this session Democrats control both chambers by super-majority margins: 58-40 in the House, and 29-20 in the Senate. This also means Democrats control all committees and hearings.

While their control margins are daunting it remains imperative for conservative citizens to be both informed and engaged in the legislative process.

EVERY vote they make has the potential to affect your family, faith, finances and future.

Not only are bills introduced in the 2023 session still in play, there are multiple newly proposed bills that have been pre-filed and will be dropped throughout the session.

Bills Washington Eagle Forum will be active on this session:

HJR 4208 would remove all male-gender terms from our state constitution to “include all Washingtonians.”

HB 1954 would “harmonize language” relating to reproductive and so called gender-affirming treatment.

HB 5982 would update the definition of a “vaccine”. This bill contains an emergency clause so it would take effect immediately.

SB  5462 would update state learning standards at all grade levels to include the history, contributions, and perspectives of LGBTQ people by December 1, 2024.

HB 1045 would create a “basic income” pilot program in Washington state.

HB 2002 would establish criminal penalties for the public use of fentanyl or methamphetamine.

HB 1281 would increase access to the provisions of our state’s Death with Dignity Act (euthanasia)

HB 1962 would improve voter registration list accuracy

HB 1868 would phase out the sale and use of gas powered lawn equipment—think your lawnmower! HOWEVER  the bill exempts federal and state entities from this requirement.

HB 1368 requires and funds zero emission school buses

HB 1900 would eliminate single use plastic such as packaging for fresh berries, perforated bags currently used for potatoes, lettuce, grapes as well as shrink wrap around pre-cut vegetables and meat.

If you want information on how you as a citizen/constituent can impact the legislative process e-mail cindy@waeagles.com