What We Can STILL Do to Stop Comprehensive Sex Education in WA




March 9, 2020

Democrats Pass Outrageous Comprehensive Sex Education Bill

Parents have spent weeks contacted legislators saying they DON’T want outrageous, pornographic K-12 sex-ed mandated in their schools. Democrats responded by pushing it through anyway. Not only did they pass it, they refused debate on ANY reasonable amendments offered by the other party.

ESSB 5395 requires public schools across our state to teach inappropriate sexual education curriculum. The bill impacts children in Kindergarten through high school. It has now been sent to the Governor for his signature.

What We STILL Can Do – Your Action is Critical!

  1. PRAY ask God to intervene for our precious children
  2. Call the Governor’s office directly 1.360.904111 Message: “For our children…Do NOT to sign ESSB 5395!
  3.  Use this form to also send an e-message to Governor Inslee: https://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/contact/send-gov-inslee-e-message
  4. Sign the petition using the link below
  5. Go to the capitol steps in Olympia at noon on Wednesday the 11th for an Informed Parents of Washington citizen protest rally “Jay Inslee, Veto ESSB 5395”
  6. Join the campaign of any conservative running against an unprincipled legislator who voted in favor of CSE. This is serious, and demands our serious participation in removing anyone who supported this legislation with their vote.
  7. Prepare for a Stop CSE referendum after the leg session ends
  8. Forward this alert on to others


MUST WATCH: video from the WA House floor action on ESSB 5395